Buenos Aires 6:30 am

We don't let ourselves
To fail
We only live our spare time
The real time is an accident
All the remaining is a myth
Myths don't exist 
Most of the real time
I would like to spend it 
With me
I want all the answers
Only to my questions

HAUS zu denken

Do not complete any ideas
I thought about this 
In a bath
Live in a loop
My life would be easier
If I am not me
Purism is dead
Needs are created
The Nike logo

The world is not working

That wasn't my toothbrush
but I used it anyway
I want someone to take me
to New York
Because I miss her so much
Like Andy
I never read
I just look at the pictures
I cant stop making bad decisions
If I keep on behaving
like Americans
The world is not working
and that is fine for me

Good Stone

Man is nothing
World is everything
Everybody wants to be accepted
In some way
I am always waiting for an accident
The limit of our perceptions
Is our personal true
The true truth
Can only be experienced
Never fully known
Don’t believe in new arrivals
They are old season recycled


You are mine
I am a master
Of torturing myself
We construct and forget
What we construct
We are water
I will be back
As a new problem
Everything looks better with sun


Nobody rides for free.
You can’t remember a nobody’s name.
Failures are unforgettable.
Everything is amazing.
And nobody is happy.
If you want something to happen.
Do it yourself.


I love China
The true will be a book
There is something going on
Fifty percent of life is mockery
In that picture
Always something is about to happen
Tomorrow I will lie again
Erase death scenes from your life

summer tune

Live 200 years
See life through slowmotion
I dont have physical friends
A pink vinyl
Days are numbers
As hours and minutes
Everything is counted
To see everyone I know dead

altre punt de vista

I go back to that day
I am always the last to know
Nobody drinks water more than 6 seconds
I left my alarm three more
You could drown yourself
So I can be late

American Tap

Stay in bed all day
Eat directly from the box
Autumnal equinox

Routine steps are choreographed
A body shape in a cushion
The day is 14 minutes longer

I can wait more than that

Hand made place mat

Expectation keeps alive
A helmet for her
Unbelt for him
A joint for her
One minute for him
An endless beat
All tunes she will give


We booked all rooms
A private hotel
Two strudel
A hundred white walls
A hundred white sheets
All turned to blue
Metallic as a clue
Where we always feel free


A blockhouse
A bird eye view
Life is trivial
Improvise hurt
500 yards from the beach
Sand could be grey
Sea could be brown
Hain is a name


A script dialogue abstraction
A set built for the scene
A stencil easy to draw
A rehearsal innate
A common tale
A faded light
A cliche
Where you almost believe in love.


Isolated in one scene
Everyone plays a role
Since 1998
I never read scripts
The past is always present
It was given to me ten years ago
Ten thousand kilometres
Time does not exist

Best day ever

I’m older than time itself
Impossibilities unknown
Rain falls inside that building
Some doors leads to nowhere
Burgundy is a nice color
But is not for me
Everyone reminds me of someone
But not of you

My name is...

Time is invented
Like her tattoo die pretty
Like her tattoo luck gets who licks
God is a luxury
Bowie wrote Heroes at 4:20am Tuesday

Club culture

The world is running out of berries
My steps describe the beauty spots on my back
What-ever is what life could have been
I am meant to use the space of another
My psychological life is based on a cactus
She could make you deaf
Unless you shout
Use short names for email addresses
Watch as many sunsets as you can

Biopattern archive

Two points define a line
She could take your life
Asymmetry is my complex
My arms respond differently

As my days
My existence is justified by the death of another
Don’t give your name and address
Don’t complete big forms
Listen six times the same song


Get a disease to live borderline
Have two more inches of hair
Understand the idea of NEW
Assimilate all the personalities in your body
Walk with a slave all day
A leather chair
Control the cab drivers with your brain
Voices on the phone are people who doesn't exist
Apocalypse is not one minute! can last years
A sphinx cat
Flags are represented by colours, so do people
Alkaline leads to female, acid to male